20 Delicious Soup Recipes That Are Perfect for Fall

20 Delicious Soup Recipes That Are Perfect for Fall

What better way to celebrate fall than to whip up a fabulous batch of soup?

During the summer months, the food that people turn to tends to be light and refreshing, requiring minimal effort in the kitchen. Salads that make the most of fresh produce and meals that involve simply throwing things on the grill tend to be the norm on those warm summer nights.

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But as the weather begins to cool, the humidity of the air drops and the constant hum of air conditioners subsides, those who love sweaters, warm drinks and cool autumn nights rejoice.

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With the heat waves of summer gone, the cooler autumn weather means that those who have been itching to get back in the kitchen can finally spend time at the stove without melting. What better way to kick off the season than with big batches of soup that can be whipped up in a flash or left to cook for hours. From classics like creamy pumpkin, tomato and French onion soup with croutons and Gruyère to Indian-spiced black bean, Thai vegetable and Portuguese caldo verde soup, any and all of these soups will keep things cozy and delicious for fall. Read on to discover 20 delicious soup recipes for fall!