15 Beauty Hacks Using Foods From Your Kitchen

Food-based home beauty remedies are nothing new; our ancestors all around the world have been finding new ways to stay young and beautiful with natural ingredients for centuries.

Nowadays we reach for complicated cosmetics that are filled with chemicals and compounds we don't recognize — and can't even pronounce — and these fancy products can easily cripple a bank account.

 With all the crazy things we put our skin though each day, though, is it so silly to assume that putting even crazier things on our skin won't actually help it?

So skip the drug store next time. Get back to the basics and head to the kitchen; your pantry and refrigerator contain a wealth of ingredients that are cost-effective solutions to modern skin and beauty woes.

Some ingredients such as eggs, olive oil, lemons, and even potatoes can naturally improve the look and feel of our skin and hair with natural properties. Some ingredients are hydrating and toning, while others fight acne and reduce the size and appearance of pores.

Find natural and effective replacements for a complicated beauty routine in the kitchen, and try these amazing food-based beauty hacks for yourself.