11 Reasons Soft Serve Is the Best Ice Cream Ever

Soft serve has found that sweet spot between ice cream and frozen yogurt

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Americans consumed a billion servings of soft serve last year, and we know why.

Sure, there was shoving, but it was all in the name of a swirled cone with colored sprinkles. The sight of the tattered and worn soft-serve shop on wheels rounding the corner was a sight to behold — and no kid could be held to the rules of manners. Now, whenever the Mister Softee line looks short, we adults aren’t above a brisk run across Union Square to grab a quick double cone to help cool off in the summer heat.

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The NPD Group, a market research company for the food service industry, reported that Americans consumed a billion servings of soft serve last year. This number proves that Americans’ love affair with soft serve ice cream is an enduring one, even in the face of some stiff frozen yogurt competition from shops like Pinkberry.

Soft serve seems to have found that sweet spot between ice cream and fro-yo that makes it a perennial favorite. So why is soft serve so beloved by Americans? We have an idea. Sometimes the success of a food is determined by the sum of its parts. So here is our ode to soft serve, along with some lesser-known facts that explain why soft serve is the best.

1. Flavors

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Unlike a trip to Baskin Robbins, at your favorite soft serve haunt, the classics are revered. Chocolate and vanilla are all you need to create your custom cone. We see this as an asset, not a hindrance. It keeps customers thinking creatively about how to dress up their cone.

2. Magic Shell

Photo Modified: Flickr / stu_spivack / CC BY-SA 4.0

The magic shell is a thing of wonder. Whether you are a pure chocolate fan, a cherry-dipped fan, or better yet a double-dipped chocolate and cherry lover, one thing is certain: You can’t beat that chocolate shell wrapped around smooth, sweet soft serve.


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