11 Quick And Cheap Dinner Recipes (Slideshow)

Grilled Spiced Chicken Recipe

Spice things up this barbecue season by adding masalas to your chicken recipe! The yogurt and turmeric result in a tender, succulent chicken and the yogurt in particular balances the spices in this dish.


Black Bean Enchilada Casserole Recipe

This easy vegetarian black bean casserole is loaded with cheese and flavor, but light on money and time.


Easy Oven-Fried Chicken Recipe

This easy recipe is perfect for busy weeknight meals when you are craving something tasty and hearty.

Flank Steak Tacos Recipe

An inexpensive flank steak, seasoned well, needs little garnish other than some thinly sliced vegetables, a couple of slices of avocado, and a dollop of crema to make for some terrific tacos.

Sweet and Tangy Chicken Recipe

This flavorful chicken recipe is not only but easy to prepare, but will become a new family favorite. 

Steak Fajitas Recipe

The classic sizzling fajita platter found in Mexican restaurants across the globe is a cinch to replicate in your own kitchen. Fajitas can be made with almost any protein, but my favorite is flank steak


Crock-Pot Chicken Tacos Recipe

This chicken taco recipe will soon be one of your favorite quick and easy dinners because of its effortless process with the Crock-Pot. It takes less than five minutes to put the ingredients in the pot, and six hours later you'll have a delicious shredded chicken taco.


Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili Recipe

The best part of this recipe (besides how mouthwatering it was), is that it's so easy and it doesn't take much time at all to put together.


Baked Ziti with Ground Beef Recipe

This hearty baked ziti is a delicious, inexpensive meal to cook to feed a crowd or make enough lunches for the workweek. It's hearty, simple, and perfect for these cold winter nights.


Barbecued Chicken Sandwiches Recipe

This recipe does take time but not active time, which is what makes it so easy, and so great for entertaining. Your best bet is to make the chicken ahead of time — it only gets better with age — and then add the shredded chicken to the barbecue sauce for a quick and delicious meal.


Juicy Barbecued Chicken Recipe

This juicy barbecue chicken is the perfect for an outdoor cookout picnic.