10 Ways Your Blender Can Spin Your Party

Blenders can make so much more than smoothies


Blender salsa is perfect for a girl’s night in. Instead of buying store-bought salsa, grab some fresh ingredients and make your own. This spicy recipe requires some preparation for the vegetables, but it’s so worth it.  

Vegetable Pates

This is our way of saying a fancy, vegetarian spread. Blenders are perfect for making smooth spreads, and you can really use your creativity with this. We like to blend up roasted veggies and cream cheese for a pate that goes perfectly on bagels and sandwiches.



Throwing a kids’ birthday party? Make some pudding with your blender for dessert! Banana pudding is perfect for little ones, but instead of mashing and combining ingredients by hand, use your blender. Just make sure not to over-blend. You want a creamy consistency that your kids (and adults) will go crazy for. 



Never eat store-bought mayonnaise again! Your blender can make it for you. Some people say that you need a food processor to make mayonnaise, but you can easily substitute a blender and get just as tasty results. This recipe makes a classic, homemade mayo that will be the talk of your next party. 



Falafel is a perfect appetizer for any party. This is another recipe where you can sub out your food processor for your blender. It also uses canned chickpeas to save you one more step. The easier the better when it comes to party food. 



If you’re throwing a brunch party and want the perfect hollandaise recipe, look no further. Usually hollandaise sauce is pretty daunting, but with your blender on hand, there is nothing to fear. The tangy variation will add a kick, but instead of whisking by hand, add the yolks, vinegar, and water into a blender, and then slowly add the butter as you mix. Use a medium-high speed for best results.


The possibilities are endless with this one. Split pea soup and tomato soup are especially easy to make in the blender. Use a homemade spin by using your blender to do all the prep work before transferring to the stove!

Batters and Doughs

Pancake party? Waffle party? Skip all the manual labor and toss your ingredients into a blender instead. You’ll get a smooth batter that you can pour right onto your skillet or waffle iron. And it works for pizza dough, too. Making dough in the blender eliminates the need to knead. 


Another great dip to make in your blender, hummus is always a crowd pleaser. You can go classic, or you could go adventurous. This recipe uses yummy roasted garlic and healthy kale for a hummus that your guests will love. Or you could throw in some sautéed eggplant and make baba ghanoush. Better make a double batch, though, because it will go quick!


This pesto is perfect for a simple dinner party. It could star in a main dish with some ravioli, or even as a topping on your caprese salad appetizer. Or, if you’re feeling really crazy, you could try out these pesto cookies for a surprising desert!