10 Ways to Use Saturday Dinner Leftovers for an Easy Sunday Supper

You will want to have leftovers to make these delicious recipes

It’s Sunday afternoon. You go to the fridge. You open the fridge and sigh. You gaze upon the remains of the dinner from the night before and just can’t get excited about what you see. Upon the shelves sit containers of cold fish, dry rice, a few measly slices of a roast chicken, or maybe a meager portion of cooked vegetables. Do not despair, there’s a solution.

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So many things can be totally transformed into wonderful new dishes that you’d be delighted to eat. By using a few pantry staples like eggs, flour, milk, or potatoes, you can whip up something tasty in next to no time. There is absolutely no need to spend all Sunday sweating in the kitchen to use up what you already have.

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Take a look through these 10 ways to use Saturday dinner leftovers for an easy Sunday supper. You can either make the recipes provided of simply use them as guidelines to help you take the contents of your fridge and turn the contents of your Tupperware into something truly enjoyable.