10 Over-the-Top Brownie Sundaes Worth the Calories

Homemade ice cream, chocolate fudge, and crunchy candies make these sundaes a decadent must

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10 Over-the-Top Brownie Sundaes Worth the Calories

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Whether you start from scratch or use a box, these recipes utilize toppings and secret ingredients that make these brownie sundaes epic. Stuffed with chocolate, topped with Heath bar, and drizzled with hot fudge — there really is no way you can walk away without at least trying a bite. So get your fork ready as you dive into these recipes in search of the perfectly outrageous combination that will satisfy your chocolate desires.

Brownie Banana Split

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Eating ice cream right out the tub is great, but sometimes you want to get a little creative with your sweet creations. The next time you’re in the mood for vanilla ice cream, turn it into a delicious banana split. Add bananas, chunks of brownie, and chocolate syrup for a heavenly combination.

For the Brownie Banana Split recipe, click here.

Brownie Sundaes with Banana Chips

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The brownie is really more like a flourless chocolate cake. It puffs as it bakes, then falls and cracks as it cools. Top this rich brownie with peanut butter ice cream and banana chips to capitalize on one of our favorite flavor combinations.

For the Brownie Sundaes with Banana Chips recipe, click here.

Cream Cheese Brownie Sundae

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Cheesecake meets brownies in this sundae, which is swirled with cream cheese and topped with ice cream. Try homemade strawberry ice cream with warm caramel sauce to make this sundae superb.

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Ghirardelli Stuffed Brownie Sundaes

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These brownie sundaes made with Ghirardelli Squares Stuffed Brownies are completely decadent. Just remember to slow down so you can savor every moment!

For the Ghirardelli Stuffed Brownie Sundaes recipe, click here.

Heath Bar Brownie Sundae

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This impossible-to-resist toffee crunch brownie with warm chocolate sauce drizzled on top is the perfect dessert for a special occasion.

For the Heath Bar Brownie Sundae recipe, click here.

Ina Garten’s Brownie Sundae

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One of our favorite television personalities gives flair to this brownie sundae by adding espresso. Top with homemade chocolate ice cream for a double-chocolate treat.

For Ina Garten’s Brownie Sundae recipe, click here.

Java Brownie Sundae

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Instant coffee adds flavor and balances the chocolate flavor in this brownie. Just top your warm chocolate and coffee brownie with ice cream and marshmallow for a superb sundae.

For the Java Brownie Sundae recipe, click here.

Mint Chip Brownie Sundae

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You can create a double-decker brownie sundae just by scooping mint chip ice cream in between two brownies. Then, just top with plenty of fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry.

For the Mint Chip Brownie Sundae recipe, click here.

Mom’s Fudge Brownie Sundae

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There is nothing better than chewy and nutty fudge brownie sundaes. If you don't care for nuts, you can easily omit the walnuts in this recipe. With or without nuts, it's a perfectly fudgy brownie — not too gooey, not too cakey.

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Sugar and Plumm Triple Chocolate Brownie

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Even people who claim they "aren’t chocolate people" (it’s a nice lie, isn’t it?) will fall in love with this decadent piece of chocolaty goodness. Pile this triple-chocolate brownie high with homemade or the supermarket’s finest vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and warm caramel sauce to recreate the magic of this Sugar and Plumm brownie at home.

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