10 Back-to-School Recipes (Slideshow)

As we near the beginning of the school year, make sure your kids are eating healthy and happy

Parmesan Chicken Fries Recipe

Why didn't anyone tell me that breadcrumbs can stick to meat just fine without the time-consuming flour/egg/breadcrumb three-step process? News flash! Raw skinless chicken is very sticky and holds this whole-grain breading quite well! No need for frying here; I used my “faux fry” method of high-heat baking, using a generous coating of good-quality cooking spray oil to give these fries a nice crisp finish. A good pair of kitchen scissors is your best friend here for cutting the chicken into fry-shaped sticks.

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Detroit's Coney Dog Recipe

Instead of serving your kids another hot dog, which they're sure to be bored of by now, make it exciting by giving them a Detroit-style twist. If you're not familiar with the style, then get ready to enjoy some authentic chili dogs with the kids.

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Honey BBQ Chicken Nuggets Recipe

There's something about chicken nuggets that make them one of the most popular kid foods in America. You can "oven-fry" instead of deep-frying, and upgrade the breading so it becomes a nutritious food instead of just a layer of simple carbs to hold the frying fat. The dipping sauce can also add delicious covert nutrition — especially when you add spinach and blueberries to it. 

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Crispy Macaroni and Cheese Balls Recipe

The only thing better than macaroni and cheese is when it's served in bite-sized portions with a crisp, golden brown crunch. We think your kids will agree.

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Buffalo Chicken Lollipops with Blue Cheese Fondue Recipe

Sometimes serving the same thing over and over again can make it hard for the kids to finish their dinner. Make it interesting by adding a few creative twists to trusted favorites, like these Buffalo chicken lollipops, which give a new look to chicken nuggets.

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Cold Sneaky Sesame Noodles Recipe

If you wanted to make this a two-pronged meal, double the recipe and serve it for dinner, then have the kids take the leftovers for school lunch the next day. Pick up some extra Chinese takeout white boxes for extra fun in the lunchbox!

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No-Bake Nachos Recipe

Who said nachos have to be hot, anyway? This "no-bake" recipe captures all of their essence without preheating the oven. Plus, it makes it easy on mom to put together a quick side dish for dinner. 

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Sneaky Joe Sliders Recipe


This is a smoky twist on a traditional "Sloppy Joe," served up mini-style on slider buns. I especially love the subtle sweet flavor that blueberry adds to barbecue sauce — who knew? Because it isn’t bound in a patty, you can also sneak much more nutritious purée into this dish.

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Toasted Ravioli Lollipops Recipe

This recipe takes a trusted favorite and makes it a surefire way to get the kids excited about dinner. Raviolis are breaded and lightly sauteéd to give the effect that they're a guilty pleasure, even though they're not. You're packing in extra nutrients, too, by serving, not one, but two dipping sauces. 

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S'mores Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

The oldest trick in the book for getting your kids to eat dinner is to offer them a sweet treat at the end. Don't just make it any sweet treat, though, and make it irresistable with these s'mores ice cream sandwiches. They're easy to put together and combine two things your kids love, making it hard to refuse dessert — or dinner, in this case.

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