Common Foods That Can Decrease Depression And Inflammation

A hearty bowl of pasta and a juicy, tender steak always sound good for dinner... almost too good.  And, one specific study shows it can be. According to Z6 Mag, eating pasta and fatty red meat is associated with depression and inflammation.

Study co-author, Michel Lucas, PhD, of the Harvard School of Public Health, ran the study for a span of twelve years. During this time period, researchers recorded the diet and eating habits of over 43,000 women, none of whom were depressed from the start. However, researchers noticed that their moods changed around three common foods: soda, fatty red meat, and refined grains such as pasta.

The finding suggests that women who ate these foods had a 29 to 41 percent increase in the chance of being depressed compared to those who did not. The study also found that eating these common foods can also increase inflammation, which can lead to a variety of serious illnesses.

As for the foods, you should be eating to combat these side effects? Dr. Lucas from the Harvard School of Public Health recommends drinking coffee and wine, and eating  your share of olive oil and vegetables.