Coffee Can Benefit Professional, Personal Lives, Study Says

As if you needed another reason to drink coffee: your daily caffeine fix may just help both your professional and personal life.

According to a survey by De'Longhi Japan of 400 people 30 to 50 years old, coffee may just help you earn more — or even get lucky in love, according to Rocketdog.

The survey found that 25 percent of people in the survey paid careful attention and had a genuine interest in the coffee they drink; those same coffee lovers also reported having a significant salary increase in recent years. The researchers noted that the salary gap also had something to do with the kind of coffee each participant preferred. Espresso drinkers earned the highest salaries, followed by coffee drinkers who grind their own beans, followed by those who used pre-ground beans.

And it's not just the work life that benefits from coffee. Espresso lovers were shown in the study to be on top in their personal lives as well; 14.3 percent reported they were confident and successful with women. (While this may be a matter up to their own opinions, at least they're confident, right?)

This is not the only study that sheds some light on this correlation between happiness and coffee. In an annual survey by I Love Coffee, many of the top 15 professions who drink the most coffee were some of the most successful including scientists, financial planners and professors.