Cocktail Bars Are Adding Slushies To Their Drink Menus

As the summer heat slams New York City, what could be better than a slushy cocktail? Battery Harris and other high-end cocktail bars around the city are incorporating these once child-like beverages into their drink menus.

Battery Harris' cocktail director, Saul Ranella, a one-time slushy skeptic, is already looking ahead to ordering a third slushy machine to add to his collection. Ranella mixes rum, passion-fruit juice, apples, and numerous other ingredients in order to create his Peruvian slushy beverage, the Purple Harris. Even at the steep price of between $10 and $13, these aptly named, "frozies," are extrememly popular during this humid summer months. In one night, Battery Harris can run through 36 liters of Ranella's slushies.

Cocktail bars such as Donna, Noodle Bar, Mother's Ruin, Nights and Weekends, and Tippler have all joined the slushy drink trend. Boasting a slushy of the day, Mother's Ruin names the drink their best seller.  

But the question remains: will the slushy trend end as the heat makes its way out of the city? Or will the inventive bartenders and experimental recipes keep the trend steady?