Cobb Salad
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Cobb Salads Around The World Is Your Favorite New Instagram Feed

Lettuce explore the beauty of this colorful dish
Cobb Salad
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Who doesn’t love a good Cobb salad? Unlike many ho-hum tossed salads, the Cobb salad is often served looking like a rainbow, with its varied and colorful ingredients fanned out on the plate to show off their bright colors and different textures. And now there’s an Instagram account specializing in highlighting Cobb salads from around the world.

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The owner of the Instagram account Cobbs Around The World didn’t respond to a request for comment, but their salad game is fresh.

“Featuring the most beloved creation of all time - the mighty Cobb Salad!” the account notes in its biography section.

The origins of the dish are up for debate. Many say it was either created by or at least named for Robert Cobb, owner of the now-closed Hollywood’s Brown Derby restaurant, and dates back to the 1930s. But the ingredients are pretty consistent — salad greens, chicken, tomatoes, avocado and hard-boiled egg are the basics. It's also a favorite of President Donald Trump.

The account features various Cobb styles, including a lobster Cobb salad, some with shrimp, and even some served layered in Mason jars.


This stacked Cobb is a 3-D miracle that looks like it’d be either entertaining or exhausting to eat.

And one features an avocado rose, with a video showing how it was made.


The account began last July, and has close to 100 posts. Fans can contribute – they’re just asked to tag #cobbsaroundtheworld on their own Cobb salad photos to be included. If you’re in need of a healthy veggie fix, check out 50 salads for all seasons.