Clinton Kelly on Holiday Entertaining

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'The Chew' co-host gives his tips
Clinton Kelly on Holiday Entertaining

The Chew Co-Host gives his tips

Clinton Kelly
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Clinton Kelly

Entertaining during the holidays can turn anyone into a grinch — everyone has high expectations and little time to pull off the perfect party. But Clinton Kelly, the co-host of The Chew and What Not to Wear, has some easy tips to make your party a standout without needing to go overboard.

His biggest tip is to start with what you’re wearing — looking good will make you feel good. He suggests that now is the time to go a bit over the top and let sequins and sparkle into your life. The next piece of advice centers around getting a bit crafty. Kelly suggests making some items like pine-cone place cards — simple items like this will make your event feel unique, but without too much stress. Lastly, he notes that the food should be comforting but not too heavy. Everyone wants familiar nostalgic dishes, but he suggests using the freshest ingredients possible.

For more from Clinton Kelly, watch the video above and try his Green Bean Casserole at home!

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