Clever Solutions Using Mason Jars Around The Home

Recently we found that while 70 percent of jars purchased are still used for their intended purpose, home canning, while 30 percent are purchased for alternative uses.

Whether you're buying a new case of Ball jars or recycling old ones, there are many creative ways you can reinvent this classic glass vessel and transform it into a helpful (and pretty!) solution for your home.

Salt and pepper shakers are staple items on every dinner table. Instead of passing boring old shakers, use eight-ounce Ball jars to create personalized, painted shakers that not only hold more but look better and wow guests.

salt and pepper

Source: Landeelu

For the more adventurous bunch, create your own indoor flower shelf using a wooden board, quilted Ball jars, and a few screws. This adds a lovely, rustic touch to your kitchen or family room and can be filled with fresh, seasonal flowers.

mason jar

Source: With Lovely

No room in your closet to store a large sewing kit? Keep just the essentials you'll need for a quick stitch or button fix stored neatly in a Ball brand pint jar, equipped with a pin cushion as the lid!

sewing kit

Source: It All Started with Paint

Cotton balls and Q-Tips are often shoved in a drawer or into a medicine cabinet only to be taken out when needed. Make these items more accessible while adding a pop of color to your bathroom using the limited edition Spring Green Heritage Collection pint or quart jars as clean and stylish homes for these toiletries.


Source: A Delightsome Life

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