Chrissy Teigen Got A Big Dish Of Scalloped Potatoes Through TSA Security With The Help Of Twitter

Traveling with food has gotten a little complicated since passengers were barred from bringing liquids on planes. Most of the time, the "don't bring liquids on the plane" rule is pretty easily understood. Water bottles, soda bottles, and even–unfortunately–wine bottles are full of liquid and thus not allowed. Sandwiches are not liquid, so they're fine. But there's a gray area of foods that are not liquids, but not entirely solids either. That's how Chrissy Teigen wound up on Twitter asking if she could bring a large casserole dish full of scalloped potatoes as a carry-on.

"If I don't have a carry-on, can I bring a large ceramic casserole dish of scalloped potatoes on the plane?" Chrissy Teigen asked on Twitter on Saturday night. "I am not kidding, is this OK? Is it too blunt/heavy an object? I'll cry if they throw it away."

Teigen even Tweeted at American Airlines for help, but AskTSA, the TSA's advice account on Twitter, noticed and replied scalloped potatoes are allowed as a carry-on, even in a ceramic casserole dish.

Knowing she'd be allowed to take the potatoes on the plane, Teigen started cooking the scalloped potatoes from her cookbook, which is made of layers of potatoes, cubed ham, and bacon-cream sauce, then topped with more bacon and a big pat of butter.

Teigen made the dish in a Le Creuset Dutch oven, but she transferred the potatoes to a plastic container for the flight. Still, she was apparently nervous about getting it through security, and she actually filmed the process of the potatoes going through the TSA's X-ray machine.

But everything turned out OK in the end. Teigen updated the saga with a photo of herself on the other side of airport security, proudly holding her potatoes.

"We made it!" she declared.

Only Chrissy Teigen could make a Twitter saga out of taking a casserole through airport security, and that's one of the many reasons the food world is obsessed with her.