Chrissy Teigen Cancels Oscars Plans For Tacos

Chrissy Teigen has her priorities straight. The model and cookbook author who is currently pregnant with her second baby, whom she reportedly might name after a food, was originally planning on spending Sunday night watching the Oscars and attending glamorous after parties with other famous people, but instead she's decided to cancel all her fancy plans and get tacos instead.

"I have cancelled Oscars Sunday and am trying to track down the taco truck featured in Ugly Delicious. Does anyone around 6 months pregnant need a dress?" Teigen wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

Teigen specifically wanted tacos from one of the taco trucks featured on David Chang's Netflix show, Ugly Delicious. Fortunately, Teigen was able to track down the identity of the taco truck in no time. Thanks to Food and Wine's guide to every restaurant featured in Ugly Delicious, Teigen was able to figure out that the tacos she wanted were from Mariscos Jalisco in Los Angeles.

Teigen later clarified that she was never actually planning to attend the Oscars awards show this year. The Oscars night plans she canceled were for viewings and after parties, which were surely very glamorous and exciting, but perhaps not as much as getting some really good tacos before heading off on a flight to China.

"Clarification: I was never going to the Oscars this year! Just no longer going to any viewings or after parties," Teigen wrote. "I am, however, flying to China super late tonight post taco party. Luna is coming on tour!"

The tacos at Mariscos Jalisco look fantastic, but the Oscars events were sure to have very good food, too. Pastry chef Carolyn Nugent of Tartine Bakery shared a photo of some decadent-looking chocolate tarts intended for Jimmy Kimmel's after party.

It sounds like Teigen won't have to decide between chocolate and tacos, though. Nugent offered to make her a to-go bag if she dropped by on her way to the airport. If TSA security let Chrissy Teigen into the airport with an emotional support casserole recently, they're sure to let her on with a bag of chocolate tarts. Teigen's love of food is just one of the 20 reasons the whole culinary world adores her.