Chocolate and Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Dede Wilson

Say “I love you” this year with these festive treats.

A box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers go a long way on Valentine ’s Day. But combine the two into one edible treat and you’re sure to please your special somebody. Homemade chocolate truffles with edible flowers are the perfect way to say “I love you” this holiday.[related]

Click here to see the White Chocolate Hibsicus Truffles Recipe

Hibiscus flowers appear in two forms in these special chocolates. Dried hibiscus flowers are infused in the cream to make the ganache for the truffle’s interior. Sugared hibiscus flowers are sprinkled on top to add flavor and a gorgeous magenta jolt of color. The dried hibiscus can be found where bulk spices are sold or ordered online.

A good quality white chocolate is necessary for spectacular results. The only fat listed should be cocoa butter. If there is any palm oil or cottonseed oil, don’t bother. Those are chocolate coatings (not real chocolate) and won’t give you the flavor and texture you want. While the FDA doesn’t deem white chocolate to be chocolate since it is devoid of any cacao solids, your best bet is to use white chocolate that contains cocoa butter. Then it will be as chocolaty as you can get for white chocolate.

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Chocolate and flowers are essential on Valentine’s Day. Try combining the two into these delicious treats and surprise your loved one this year.