Chipotle Launching Handmade Margaritas Starting April 29

Not to be confused with their previous margarita, which was made with a mix

Chipotle's newest margarita are now handmade, and made with Patrón.

Looks like you'll have a better way of getting drunk at Chipotle (although really, we tend to have already had a few drinks when we stumble over). The fast-casual Mexican food concept is launching a premium margarita, handmade to order with Patrón silver tequila, triple sec, lemon and lime juice, and agave nectar.

Of course, Chipotle has been making margaritas at their liquor-licensed locations for a while now, but the previous product was made in bulk, using a margarita mix at that.

"It's ultimately about making something that takes better," Chris Arnold, Director of Communications, tells The Daily Meal. "The nature of our business isn't so much menu expansion as it is about making things better."


Sadly, this means that we won't be seeing micheladas or other tequila concoctions at Chipotle (although, "never say never," Arnold says); instead, these margaritas will be offered for prices between $6.50 and $8, with a cheaper option made with Sauza starting April 29. About 900 of Chipotle's 1,458 locations have a liquor license; in the past, Chipotle has toyed with offering craft beer at specific locations, so maybe we can expect some wine in the future?