Chile Fest Packs Palates with Heat

The Great Shoreham Chilli Fest spices up summer in England

Chile lovers looking to spice up their summers can embrace the heat at the Great Shoreham Chilli Fest July 14 to 15 in Shoreham by the Sea, England.

Festival-goers can sample an array of fiery flavors from Mexican, Indian, American, and British cuisine. Dishes include delights, such as butter tikka, chile bullet curries, chorizo tapas, chile cheese, spicy baklava, chile nachos, paellas, spicy meatballs, chile chocolate, and chile ice cream.

Mild to very hot moderations of sauces, jellies, salsas, relishes, chutneys, and marinades are also on the menu for guests to dip into.

To complement their food, guests can sip down a spicy selection of beverages at the chile liquid bar, which offers up drinks like chile mojitos, chile cider, chile shooters, chile martinis, and chile Pimms.

At 3:30 p.m each afternoon, there is a chile eating competition for those daring enough to ingest some fiercely hot peppers.