Chick-fil-A Is Testing a New Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Don’t be chicken to try this sweet treat -- if you live in the right spot

Chick-fil-A is a growing fast-food chicken chain: It’s on track to pass Subway as the nation’s No. 3 chain, we reported in December. And when diners have finished their chicken sandwiches, they might be looking for a sweet treat. So the restaurant is now testing a new tasty dessert – a chocolate fudge brownie -- in three lucky regions of the country.

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It’s not just a plain brownie, either: It’s packed with extra chocolate.

“Created with chocolate lovers in mind, the brownie strikes a sweet balance between cakey and fudgy,” Chick-fil-A says in a blog post. “Its combination of semisweet and milk chocolate chunks also makes for the homemade taste you crave, without the hassle.”

The brownie is available all day, and starts at $1.99, though price may vary by location.  

The brownie is being tested now for a limited time in California’s Bay Area, in South Florida, and in the Richmond, Virginia areas. If it’s a success, it’ll be added to Chick-fil-A menus nationwide.


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