Chicago Food Film Fest: Food, Movies, and the Ramen Burger

The 3-day festival brings movies, food, and the original Ramen Burger to Chicago

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

At the Chicago Food Film Fest Kick-Off Party, guests can get a taste of the authentic Ramen Burger.

The Chicago Food Festival is back for the fourth year in a row. Beginning on Nov. 21, the three-day festival will be taking place at Kendall College in Chicago. It is “the only festival in the world that serves the food that is seen in the films,”according to press release. Visitors can expect to get a taste of everything from the authentic ramen burger (first time in Chicago!) to beer-battered Baja fish tacos.. And the best part? Every guest ticket gives unlimited access to food, drinks, screenings and an after-party.

Tickets can be bought for separate events, or if looking to experience the full festival, go for the festival-wide VIP-pass.  A part of the profits from the event will go towards the Good Food Project, giving Chicago schools healthier food options and education on nutrition.

During the festival awards will be given out to films in six different categories: The Warsteiner Best Super-Short, Jarlsberg Best Short, In The Raw Best Food Porn, Food Filmmaker of the Year, Terlato Wines made in Chicago Award, and the Frei Brothers Reserve Audience Choice Award.

Here is a list of the five different events guests can choose to attend:

Chicago Food Film Festival Kick-Off Party: There will be oysters from Shaw’s and the "Speculoos Shake" from Edzo’s. You can even get your hands on an authentic Ramen Burger by Keizo Shimamoto, the first ever to be served in Chicago.

Untitled II:  An evening featuring the art, craft, and inspiration behind great food and the wine of Michel Chapoutier.  A VIP-only pre-party will include tastings from The Social Table, and an after-party will feature food from David Burke’s Primehouse.

The Food Porn*Party Chicago: Guests can indulge in a spread of bacon-based dishes, such as country fried bacon, bacon sausages, and bacon jam. Other sweets and treats will also be served, from bakeries and restaurants including I Love Sweets, Bobtail Ice Cream, and Top Pot Doughnuts. At the after-party, you can experience the "Fondue Lounge" featuring Jarlsberg, Warsteiner, and Frei Brothers Reserve, plus a spread of foods to dip in the fondue, and Warsteiner beer battered corn dogs.

Edible Adventure #009 + Matt Timms’ Sugar Takedown: Guests of "Edible Adventure" can sample authentic feijouada (bean and meat stew) from Taste of Brasil Café and additional dishes including corned beef hash. You can also indulge in sweet treats from 20 contestants of Matt Timm's SUgar Takedown, and pick whose dessert you like the best.

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Farm to Film to Table + The Lowcountry Shrimp Boil: Restaurants and chefs such as Pleasant House Bakery, Ashely English, and Hoosier Mama Pie Co. will serve their local and sustainable foods. The after-party will feature Lowcountry shrimp boil and more than 125 pounds of South Carolina shrimp.