Chefs' Puppies Are Adorable

Martha Stewart's chow chow may have won awards, but that doesn't mean other chefs' dogs aren't squeal-worthy


Martha Stewart's chow chow Ghenghis Khan recently won Best of Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show (ultimately losing out to a dalmation), so Bon Appétit went over and found a whole bunch of photos of chefs with their pups.

Our favorites? Chef Walter Pisano's eskimo/poodle mix Tango, Anita Lo's two shih tzus (Adzuki and Mochi), and of course, Mario Batali's goldendoodle Willie (right).

Head on over to Bon Appétit for the complete experience, but not before checking out Martha's sweet chow chow, below.



Twitter/Martha Stewart

Twitter/Martha Stewart

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