Chefs' Mother’s Day Entertaining Tips

3 chefs dish out their ideas on how to host a great day for Mom, in and out of the kitchen
Mother's Day Breakfast

Mother's Day Breakfast

It’s no surprise that boys and men like to dote on their mothers —you know, the whole mama’s boy thing. The need to shower the women in their life with love and affection should spill over into all 365 days of the year obviously, but on Mother’s Day, sons really need to ramp up the special treatment, whether for their own mother or the mother of their children.

Three chefs and bona fide mama’s boys shared their tips for how to make Mom feel cherished, whether at home or at a restaurant.

Raymond Mohan: Executive Chef of The Highliner and The Coffee Shop

• Bring spring to life by adding edible flowers to dishes. Chrysanthemums, orchids, nasturtiums, and flowering herb blossoms add color, flavor, and restaurant-quality presentation to homemade favorites.
• Prepare foods that can be made ahead of time, like tarts and quiches, so you don’t have to be in the kitchen the whole day and can spend more time with Mom.
• Cook Mom’s favorites, but add your own gourmet twist. For instance, if she wants roast chicken, make it truffled roast chicken. Make everything a little fancier to make her feel special.
• Let Mom pick the menu or ask her to help in some small way — you want to make sure she has some input, because you know how moms are!

Geoffrey Zakarian: Chef/Partner of The National and The Lambs Club

• Make sure to invite Mom!
• Pre-send flowers two days before.
• Make reservations early and ask for the earliest seating. That way you get the staff at their most rested and most kind.
• It’s always better to pre-order a wonderful cake with your mom's name.
• Make sure to have a bottle of chilled champagne and a box of macaroons awaiting your mom at home after lunch for a final toast. It really has a special effect.

John DeLucie: Chef/Owner of The Lion and Crown

• Stay in and cook for your own mother — create her favorite meal. Use her own recipe and make her feel waited on hand and foot.
• Create a colorful fresh flower arrangement on the dinner table and also in the entrance way of the home. It’s nice to send flowers to Mom at her home as well.
• Make the meal special with new table linens and candles, and use your best dishes.
• Make a simple seasonal fruit crostata from scratch — a real crowd-pleaser!