Chefs at Home: The Sussman Brothers' Brooklyn Kitchen

Brothers Eli and Max Sussman (of Mile End Deli and Roberta's, respectively) rep some Detroit pride in their Williamsburg home
Max and Eli Sussman
Jessica Chou

Living with siblings might sound like a nightmare to some, but for brothers Eli and Max Sussman, it just happens to work out. In fact, the chefs (Eli works as a line cook at Brooklyn's Mile End Deli, Max is Roberta's chef de cuisine) have released two cookbooks together, and have yet to throw pans at each others' faces. "We go days without seeing each other, which keeps it sane," Max wrote in an email.

The Daily Meal went over to the Sussman's new digs to discuss their second cookbook, This Is a Cookbook, eat some homemade frittata, and play with their hyper-energetic mutt, Murphy. Eli and Max moved into their Williamsburg apartment two months ago, decking it out with Detroit memorabilia, an impressive cookbook collection, and a killer dining table.

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