Chefs At Home: Spike Mendelsohn's Revamped Schoolhouse Apartment

While Spike Mendelsohn is busy juggling his Good Stuff Eateries and upcoming steak frites joint Bearnaise (slated to open next month, he says), he has a pretty sweet bachelor pad of sorts to go home to.

Mendelsohn's open loft in the Atlas district of Washington, D.C. not only has a pool in the back with barbecue grills and a jacuzzi, but also comes with enviable chalkboards thanks to its history as a schoolhouse. The quiet building, with less than eight apartments, is pretty much what you need when you're a busy chef.

"I chose it because it's a beautiful loft," Mendelsohn told The Daily Meal. "There's 100-year-old wood floors, an old-school chalkboard. I thought was just a really great cool space. It's kind of like the bachelor pad I never ever had."

And sticking with the bachelor pad theme, Mendelsohn has decked out the apartment with a wall of graffiti, a killer dining room table, and a fish tank that currently houses a tiny 4-inch shark (and let's not forget the stack of vintage Playboy magazines). Click through our slideshow to check out Mendelsohn's updated schoolhouse apartment, as he cooks up a mean steak and eggs for breakfast.