Chefs At Home: Justin Warner's Bed-Stuy Apartment (And Pets)

When you walk into Justin Warner's apartment, a small long-haired mutt named Kewpie (named after the Japanese mayo) greets you. This is after you've passed the lounge and movie theater in the lobby. In addition to Kewpie, there are two cats and two turtles residing in the apartment. They say three's a crowd, but we say five's a party.

Chefs at Home: Justin Warner's Bed-Stuy Apartment (and Pets) (Slideshow)

Justin Warner's day-to-day is non-stop. Whether he's working at Do or Dine, the Bed-Stuy restaurant he's co-owned since 2011, creating new recipes (with or without General Mills cereal, with whom he has an endorsement deal), or writing endless emails, his home is a place for him to relax, play video games, and hang out with his dog. "I love this place," he says, "and it's so conducive to sitting." 

Most of Justin Warner's stuff is hats, cereal, or nerdy knickknacks, but he also has his fair share of cooking tools. He explains, "I have a lot of cooking bullsh*t. Some people would say all you need is a spoon and a pot, but the problem is when I'm doing recipe development, I like to be able to say, 'Put it in your Crock-Pot.' I always get assignments like, 'What are your tailgating recipes?' and I'm like, I don't even know what tailgating means. I've never done that, but that means Crock-Pot, right?"

Look out for Justin on Beat Bobby Flay this March. He'll also be releasing a rap video soon, though it's definitely not the first.