Chefs at Home: Elizabeth Falkner, Kale Doughnuts, and a Dog

We visited the chef at her Brooklyn Heights apartment to check out her cookbook collection and pet her dachshund

Elizabeth Falkner received this signed Muhammad Ali boxing glove after she baked his 70th birthday cake in 2012.

It's 2 p.m. on a Saturday and Elizabeth Falkner is at home testing recipes for kale doughnuts. On another counter she rolls sushi to bring to her sword fighting class later that day. Silversun Pickups Pandora radio echoes through the apartment. Her daschund Hendrix sits at her feet watching every move, waiting for a piece of bacon to drop to the floor.

Chefs at Home: Elizabeth Falkner, Kale Doughnuts, and a Dog (Slideshow)

Falkner has been in Brooklyn Heights since she moved across the country from San Francisco two years ago. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade and Brooklyn Bridge Park are just a few blocks away, where she'll go to run and enjoy the view of lower Manhattan. 

On the walls are big, bold pieces of art that command attention. Contrastingly, clever trinkets (a nutcracker shaped like a woman's legs, a pin that reads "she prefers it à la mode") adorn her cookbook-filled shelves. From Julia Child to Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Simple Cuisine, to her own Cooking off the Clock and Demolition Desserts, she has a range of books that inspire her own home cooking.

"I've got some pretty weird stuff in there," she says, referring to her refrigerator. She's right — on the bottom shelf, next to a few bags of kimchi for the sushi, is a huge tub of violet compound. She has floral flavors, like this and orange blossom and rose water for baking.

Dining and Living Area

From the kitchen, you can see Falkner's living area and dining table. Cookbooks fill the shelves on the left.


The cookbook from classic San Francisco restaurant, Zuni Café, sits about Falkner's own, Cooking off the Clock and Demolition Desserts.

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