A Chef’s Tips for Tailgating

Chef Justin Antiorio, finalist on 'Hell’s Kitchen,' shares what’s ideal for a successful tailgate

Just thinking about working for Gordon Ramsay is tough — imagine living it! So was the case for chef Justin Antiorio, a finalist on Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Even with his hectic work life, Antiorio likes to find time to tailgate. Here are his tips for having a blast:
"In my tailgating experience, the biggest positive that we have is being 100 percent organized. We bring containers that are labeled with what is inside and we always have cooking utensils, cutting boards, table linens, condiments, etc. so we can do what needs to be done on-site. 

  • Every item is essential and if you don't have what you need and/or tend to be unorganized, your tailgate event can be ruined. For example, if you have great hamburgers coming off of the grill, but you have forgotten the ketchup or buns, the whole experience is off. Create lists and organize!
  • Another great tip is to marinate all of your food items the night before in resealable bags so that it is easy to grab them and go. 
  • Keep your tailgate event interesting by changing up your food from week to week, or consider doing a theme party like a luau where you make some Hawaiian varieties and walk around in tropical shirts (weather permitting of course). 
  • And finally, my three most essential components of tailgating are ice, music, and adult beverages. If you have those three essentials, you can pretty much have a good time anywhere."