Chef Reality Dating Show in the Works

The New York Post reports that 'Chef Wants a Wife' is looking for candidates
Chef Looking for Love

Perhaps Sous Style's gig setting up The Meatball Shop's Daniel Holzman with a date wasn't a bad idea; turns out, a chef dating television show is in the works, looking to hook up chefs with their soul mates.

The New York Post reports that a reality show, Chef Wants a Wife, is in production, where a Manhattan matchmaker (so quaint) sets up cooks with their perfect match.

According to the show's producer, Tom Adams, 70 percent of chefs are single, "and those who are married get divorced at a much higher rate. So, they have some unique issues," he said.

Some of those issues? Sure they work long days, odd hours, and probably hate cooking at home, but, "They tend to have big egos. I think we all know that from chef Ramsay — they are full of themselves," said Adams. "And that makes it very difficult in relationships where obviously you have to compromise." We don't agree with these generalizations, but we supposed they need characters.

Producers are looking for single chefs to participate, of any caliber, race, gender, orientation, etc. So if you're a chef/cook and you're up for some awkward dates and maybe some cash, email

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