Chef Michelle Bernstein on Outdoor Entertaining

How to entertain during the hot days of summer
Michelle Bernstein's Summer Entertaining Tips

The Miami chef gives practical ideas for serving food in the heat

Ali Rosen

Chef Michelle Bernstein tells The Daily Meal’s video producer, Ali Rosen, about a few tricks for how to stay cool when entertaining guests outdoors during the summer season.

"You want to make things that can be heated through right at the last minute or things that sit really well, or things that can be tossed together in a salad at the last minute — like a watermelon salad," she says.

A few more of Bernstein's tips include: 

• Have everything cut up and ready to go in your fridge or in a cooler, so all you have to do is put it together. 

• Bring a cooler outside with all of your ingredients in separated containers, and keep a mixing bowl on ice to combine everything right before serving. 

• When it comes to salads and slaws, have ingredients cut up a few days in advance and make your dressing, especially creamy ones, in advance as well. When it comes time to eat, just blend together. No one likes a hot salad or slaw — no one. 

• Use the grill as a heating element. After cooking heated dishes, keep a pan, one that holds heat well, on low heat on the grill top and just take it off when ready to serve. 

• Keep cold dishes and hot plates separated. 

• Don’t serve sauces or hot liquids — keep everything fresh like salads and relishes. 

• Remember, there are so many things you can do with an avocado! 

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For more of chef Bernstein's tips, watch the video above.