Chef-Designed Dishware

Staff Writer
Function precedes form in this unusual collection of plates and bowls from an Italian chef.


When it comes to entertaining, nothing quite beats a basic white set of dishes. Durable enough for everyday wear and tear, the right set of plates would also be classy enough to bring out when the grandparents come to visit. But there comes a time, for some hosts or hostesses, when even the plain white plate or soup tureen just doesn’t work when serving their signature risotto.

Isn’t there dishware designed with a specific dish in mind? 

There is. Traditionally, dishware is designed with a focus on, well, design. Yet, Italian chef Massimiliano Alajmo (the youngest chef to ever be awarded three Michelin stars — for his Le Calandre restaurant) has broken this practice, having designed a set of dishes with the plates’ functionality (rather than form) in mind. His “in.gredienti” range, made by Rosenthal, features a variety of dishes, each with a specific use in mind. All plates tilt slightly forward, making the use of the fork preferred over the spoon. Our favorite? His pasta plate, which features a small indentation for twirling pasta — no spoon needed! A similar indentation can be found on the dinner plates; this is useful for serving dishes with thick sauces that you don’t want running all over the plate.

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