Chef Aprons Instantly Make You Sexier

Data from finds that chefs are the second-hottest uniformed men

Whoever wrote that study saying that men who cook don't get laid as often obviously didn't go on (which is a thing, apparently). According to a press release from the Cupid plc dating site, chef coats are one of the sexiest uniforms, at least among their female clientele.

The site culled data over a period of two years, identiftying popular occupations that gained more attention over the years. "The bottom line is: We wanted to know which categories of occupations were growing the most, and getting the most attention from female members, around the world," Sean Wood, communications director, wrote in a press release.

So the sexiest uniforms, in order of hotness? Lifeguards, chefs, private pilots, military men, and firemen. We can't argue with that. Obviously, lifeguards win due to their barely-there uniform of red trunks, sunglasses, a whistle, and a killer tan.

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But the argument for chefs is pretty solid: "Is there a more passionate profession? This is a man who knows how to please all the senses — sight, smell, touch, and taste," the press release says. "We’re not talking about a big white floppy hat — more modern chef uniforms are tailored and made of the very best quality materials." Chefs are usually better romatically received in Europe, the U.S. , and Canada, the company says, which might be related to the popularity of food TV shows in America, they presume. But really, we're going to blame it all on this guy. Can we schedule a date with him? Kthxbye.