Cheers to! 1/21-1/26

From a lip-syncing scandal to a revengeful Matt Damon — see who we’re toasting this week!

As we head into a weekend that’s sure to provide us with great entertainment from the SAG Awards, we’re looking back on the week's events and people who have made headlines.

Cheers to… Beyoncé for not going into hiding after her lip-syncing fiasco at the inauguration this week. [ABC News]

Cheers to… James Taylor, who played guitar beautifully in the frigid cold.[VICE]

Cheers to… a season full of Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj feuds on American Idol. This is just going to get better.[Rolling Stone]

Cheers to… Matt Damon for not only hijacking and hosting Jimmy Kimmel’s show and having an insane roster of A-list guests, but for entitling it Jimmy Kimmel Sucks.[BuzzFeed]

Cheers to… Katie Couric’s facial expressions while interviewing football player Manti Te’o. [HuffPo]

Cheers to… The ultimate boy band collaboration since — well, since last year’s ultimate boy band collaboration. Say hello to the tour of 98 Degrees, Boyz II Men, and New Kids on the Block —ultimate '90s fan girl meltdown status. [CNN]

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Cheers to… Paris couture fashion week and all the greatness that is Chanel. Oh, Karl — you never fail to amaze. [Fashionologi]