Checkers Burgers to Open in Boston

The chain will join a horde of burger options
Wikimedia Commons/ gaming4jc


Sure, New England is known for having the highest per capita ice cream consumption in the country, but with the recent surge in burger joints, it looks like we might have another record on our hands. A couple of weeks ago, Boston got its first Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill. Last year the greater Boston area also saw the expansions of Five Guys, Four Burgers, uBurger, and Tasty Burger as well as the opening of other independent burger joints like Grass Fed. Even restaurants that don’t offer burgers on their regular menus have started to offer limited-edition "secret burgers," like West Bridge and Beacon Hill Bistro.

One might think these are more than enough burger options to keep Bostonians happy, but apparently not. Five of the retro-style (think checkered floors, red booths, and swirly bar tools) burger drive-thru Checkers will be opening in the coming year, according to Boston Business Journal. Some will be classic drive-thrus; others will be more traditional sit-down burger joints, but all will feature the renowned Checkers menu: burgers, fried chicken and fried fish sandwiches, wings, hot dogs, fries, and loaded potato skins, and of course, shakes and other sweet treats.


In the meantime, we’ll be waiting in line over at the Shake Shack.