Check Out This Impressive Pumpkin Zombie Harvest

Pumpkin carving is pretty much a seasonal recreational activity, so right around Halloween we tend to see the craziest, most extravagant examples of pumpkin carvers' showmanship. And while most of our pumpkins involve stars and triangle eyes and jagged mouths, some people go just a bit further.

Naturally, with the whole zombie apocalypse storyline that's been flowing through pop culture in the last year or so, pumpkin sculptor Ray Villafane took a 1,800-pound pumpkin, carved a head out of it, a body, and created a pumpkin zombie. According to Villafane, he's a harvester, pulling zombie-faced pumpkins out of the ground. It's all very realistic, with missing teeth, a splotchy nose, and entrails spilling out of the body. The zombie even has remnants of hair in the form of pumpkin innards. Lovely.

Check out the sculptors at work in the video below, plus a bunch of kids freaking out. The whole exhibit is on display at the New York Botanical Gardens through Oct. 31. We imagine after a while, this will all start to smell like a zombie, too.