Check out a 'Fahrenheit 451,' "Game of Thrones' Tablescape

The Hairpin brings us these amazing tablescapes from a competition at the LA County Fair

So... are tablescape competitions a thing? Because The Hairpin's Jane Marie ran across one at the Los Angeles County Fair, and we wish we could've been there.

Some picks from the bunch: Fahrenheit 451, Gone with the Wind, and the Game of Thrones tables (seen below). These scored in the 90s range (Gone with the Wind got a full 100 score from the judges), so here are some hosting tips we picked up from the judges notes.

Do give guests a coffee spoon on their saucer. Such was the case in Fahrenheit 451's table, which the judges called "a sizzling presentation" and awarded 94 points.

Don't overload your table with candy. A Candy Land-themed table was only given 75 points, with the comment "Who could eat the meal with all of this candy present?"

Do make sure the dessert fork is the right size, and that it faces the right way. The My Fair Lady table made this mistake, and was only awarded 80 points.

Don't put an oval tablecloth on a rectangular table.

Get all this and more over at The Hairpin, where more lovely (and hilarious) tablescapes are documented for your viewing pleasure.

Fahrenheit 451

Game of Thrones

Gone with the Wind