Channing Tatum Putting On A Show For Restaurant Opening

How did a month pass already? Last month we reported that Channing Tatum is opening a New Orleans bar and restaurant called Saints & Sinners, and now the New York Post is reporting that his bar is opening this weekend. This is happening, guys.

According to the Post: "We're told Tatum... has invited his [Magic Mike] co-stars including Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello and other Hollywood pals, as well as wife Jenna Dewan, to the grand opening — and we hear they're planning a wild show in keeping with the venue's name."

Of course, we're not too sure that the bar is Magic Mike-themed. The website says it's "styled after the famous red-light district bordellos and burlesque halls of New Orleans' Storyville era," with the menu offering Creole and Cajun dishes. But we seriously hope a dinner-and-a-show special is on all the books at all times. Who wouldn't want a little this (oh, and this) with their Cajun gator sausage po'boy? And just to get you geared up, there's also this, and this, and this, and OK this, because you know we really want Joseph Gordon-Levitt there, too.