Celebs Behaving Badly…with Food

These celebrities had some pretty epic food scandals

Justin Bieber isn't quite so clean cut as he used to be.

Celebrity scandals aren’t exactly a new thing. Almost every day it seems some singer or actor or model is doing something scandalous. We’ve grown so used to it that it’s almost white noise, but every once in a while there are some great scandals. And usually they involve food.

Justin Bieber is definitely no stranger to scandal. He’s become the bad boy of pop, and that title made its way into a food related incident. He allegedly egged a house, and now he’s being punished with criminal vandalism charges. Apparently the victim of the egging estimated 20 thousand dollars worth of damage as a result of Bieber’s actions.

The Canadian-born pop star isn’t the only celebrity to get involved in a food scandal. From poorly thought-out commercials to lawsuits, we’ve rounded up some of the most scandalous celebrity food mistakes.

Ashton Kutcher’s Pop Chips Commercial

In 2012, Ashton Kutcher starred in a commercial for Pop Chips that received a lot of attention for being racist. In it, he plays multiple roles, one of which was an Indian Bollywood producer. His outfit and accent sparked accusations that he was being racist in his portrayal. 

Sharon Osbourne’s Grammy Food Fight

At a Grammy after party this year, Sharon Osbourne got into a fight with Jonah Hill’s brother, music manager Jordan Feldstein. Apparently, Feldstein made some not so polite comments about Osbourne’s family and in response she dumped a plate of food right on his jacket. And it didn’t end there. As he retreated, she threw water in his face too. 

Paula Deen’s Big Mistake


We don’t think anyone has forgotten about this food scandal even if it did happen a year ago. A former restaurant employee for racist actions sued the celebrity chef and her brother. During the deposition, she admitted to using racial slurs in her past, blaming it on growing up in the South sixty years ago. Deen lost a lot of fans, not to mention her job at the Food Network.