5 Celebrity And Chef Friendships

In a world where social media reigns supreme, it seems like anyone can rise to the status of celebrity. Within the past years, the idea of a "celebrity chef" has arisen with the development of shows like Top Chef and Chopped. Chefs such as Paula Deen and Bobby Flay have become celebrities in their own right, no longer overshadowed by the rich and famous for which they cook but signing book deals and recording television shows of their own.

Check out these celebrity and chef BFFs!

Similarly, a multitude of celebrities are crossing over into the food world themselves, no longer staying solely within the realm of entertainment but opening restaurants and bars of their own. Stars such as Justin Timberlake, who owns restaurants Southern Hospitality and Destino in New York, and Jay-Z, owner of the chain of 40/40 Club sports bars, are making names for themselves as entrepreneurs in the eating and drinking business.

And then you have the celebrity and chef power couples. With such intermingling between these two worlds happening, it is not surprising that a string of BFF friendships should pop up between the rich and famous and the people that feed them. From opening restaurants to writing cookbooks to embarking on whirlwind world tours, celebrity-chef friendships seem to be all the rage inside and out of the kitchen.