Celebratory 50-Cent Martinis On Offer at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel

There’s no such thing as a free lunch or, most times, a 50-cent martini
Martini, anyone?

Martini, anyone?

Feeling lucky? You should be. For the next twelve days, you can score a martini for two thin quarters at a famous hotel that normally charges $18 for the drink that E.B. White called “the elixir of quietude.”

Even Julia Robert’s Vivian, the down-on-her-luck prostitute in Pretty Woman, could afford the late-night special that’s being offered for the next 12 nights at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. That is, if she could get there within 19 minutes and 61 seconds after the clock strikes midnight. (A short window, to be sure.) That’s when TheBLVD bartenders will be mixing up 50-cent martinis to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Four Seasons, the upscale hoteliers that now own the Beverly Wilshire. With its towering ceilings, chi-chi outdoor patio, and eight-foot illuminated onyx bar, TheBLVD will be featuring 50-cent martinis now through May 8, 2011.

It’s a deal that puts even Wal-Mart to shame. This is a hotel that caters exclusively to the well-heeled, with steaks at Wolfgang Puck’s Cut, designed by Richard Meier (the acclaimed architect of L.A.’s Getty Center) going for $20 an ounce. And the Penthouse suite starts at $25,000. Yes, it’s the biggest suite in Hollywood and, sure, the suite comes with access to a Porsche. Let’s just suffice it to say, this is not the kind of place where words like blue light special are usually muttered, which makes this 50-cent deal even sweeter. (Photo courtesy of Flickr/Dulimaman)

So congratulations Beverly Wilshire! Here’s to you and your 50-cent martinis!

Other specials brought in to celebrate the Four Seasons’ 50th anniversary include the Mikimoto Cocktail, which is the 50-cent martini’s polar opposite. For the rate of $1961.00 per cocktail, you’ll sip on mandarin-infused Ulimat vodka, Cointreau, and lychee and you’ll take home an Akoya pearl bracelet and a Swarovski glass. If you’re more into saving than splurging, they are also offering $50 off any hour-long (or longer) treatment in the hotel’s spa.