Celebrate National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

July 23rd is National Vanilla Ice Cream day! Since most of us have enjoyed this ever-satisfying dessert since our pre-school days, there is no time like now to celebrate America's favorite ice cream flavor. While some love a good old-fashioned scoop of vanilla in a cup or cone, others enjoy mixing it up. On a hot summer day, why not try it all?  Check out our delicious and creative recipes starring vanilla ice cream for kids and adults of all ages.

Whether it is alone in a cup, accompanying a slice of pie, or as the base of a sundae, the vanilla ice cream is essential in any dish. Once you've perfected the sweet and creamy staple, proceed to discover a world of ice cream treats.


Ice Cream Sandwich

A perfect ice cream snack that can be as simple or creative as you please! Try using different types of cookie mix, and add chocolate chips, sprinkles or any other bite-sized topping to the ice cream edges to bring this classic dessert to a new level.


Peanut Butter Cup and Pretzel Terrine

The popular combination of salty and sweet makes this terrine a great addition to the dessert tray.


Ice Cream Pie with Warm Berry Compote

It is hard to believe that such a beautiful ice cream pie with a berry topping to die for could only take five minutes to prepare. Yes, five minutes! You can also double the berry compote recipe to drizzle on another scoop for later.


Classic Vanilla Milkshake

This all time favorite diner treat is quick and easy to make. Kids will love it with any meal. Add brownie pieces, marshmallows, M&M's, crushed Oreos, any type of fruit, or your favorite candy to make this shake extra flavorful.


Blueberry Pie à la Mode

This all-American dessert is a perfect addition to any summer party. A slice of pie, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and a few berries on top make this an all-time favorite.


Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae

This classic ice cream sundae is quick, easy and delicious. Start with scoops of vanilla drizzled with chocolate and butterscotch sauces. Top it off with nuts, one of the most popular garnishes for sundaes, or choose one of the hundreds of additional toppings out there. From cookie and brownie chunks, candy, and sprinkles, to fresh fruit, pretzels, graham crackers, and granola, there is a world of sundae-making options at your disposal. Why not have an ice cream party to celebrate the holiday? Line up all the toppings in bowls and then let your guests make their dream sundae. Just be sure not to forget the whipped cream and a cherry on top!


Boozy Ice Cream

Looking for a way to incorporate vanilla ice cream with your favorite liquor? Try pouring a double shot espresso and a shot of Frangelico onto a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make a Frangelico affogato. Pouring one (or two shots) of Bailey's or Kahlua over a scoop of vanilla is another way to "sophisticate" the classic vanilla ice cream dessert. Or if you love your Guinness, you'll fall in love with this adult version of a root beer float — it's surprisingly good.