Celebrate National Sticky Bun Day with Sweet Recipes


Sticky buns are one of the more popular, though unhealthy, breakfast treats.

Whether they come from Cinnabon, the Pillsbury aisle, or straight out of your grandma’s oven, sticky buns are definitely a favorite — if not messy — treat. Celebrate National Sticky Bun Day on Feb. 21st with some of our favorite sinful, stick-to-your-fingers sticky bun recipes.

Sticky buns are oven baked sweet rolls coated in something sticky — usually honey or maple syrup —  and are usually eaten as a decadent breakfast item. There are many variations on this simple treat like cinnamon rolls, which are topped with sugary icing and cinnamon glaze or pull-apart monkey bread, soft pull-apart bread sprinkled with cinnamon.

So who first came up with the idea of coating rolls in a sticky glaze? According to Examiner, the ancient Egyptians were the first to do this, and today, glazed sweetbreads are a pastry staple across the world. But the first modern sticky bun was actually created by German settlers in Pennsylvania.  Made with sour cream and topped with nuts, it was originally called “schnecken” (or snails). If you find yourself in Philly, check out The Schnecken Lady. This bakery is almost entirely devoted to the German sticky bun which is still popular in the area and German-American homes across the country.


For something different, try our recipe for Venezuelan sticky buns, known as “golfeados.”  These buns are filled with grated Latin-American firm, white cheese. cinnamon and brown sugar. You can top homemade sticky buns with some melted caramel for a doubly-sweet dessert with this Edamam recipe, or keep it simple with one of our most popular pecan-topped original sticky buns recipes.