Celebrate Apple Pie Day

5 different ways to make this classic all-American dessert

While apple pies have been served in Europe since the 14th century, the all-American favorite we serve today is much different from its distant cousin. The first printed apple pie recipe dates back to 1381, when Geoffrey Chaucer listed ingredients like saffron, raisins, figs, and pears for making the filling. But was it as easy as the modern-day pie to make? Doubtful.

Apple Pie Day is May 13th, and to celebrate, we're serving up some of our favorite pies. From streusel-topped Dutch-style pies, to the double-crusted pies of our childhood filled with layer upon layer of thinly sliced apples, pies with a creamy, sour cream-based filling, to those with rich caramel or aromatic spice flavors, there are a variety of flavors and styles to try.

Serve a slice of pie at breakfast with a dollop of Greek yogurt. Eat it cold, straight from the tin, or warm up a slice (or the whole pie) and serve it á la mode. Use your favorite family recipe or one of ours below to bake your own pie. And don’t worry about having leftovers — that slice will be just as good the next day.

The Blue Duck Tavern’s Prize-Winning Apple Pie

From The Daily Meal


Ginger-Spice Cranberry-Apple Streusel Pie

From Fine Cooking (right)


Mile-High Apple Pie

From Oprah.com


Apple Pie with a Cheddar Crust

From New York Magazine (above)


Sour Cream Apple Pie

From Taste of Home