CeeLo Green Selling Sake, Asian Spirits

The singer now owns spirits brand Ty Ku, and nicknamed their citrus flavor 'The Cee Lo Green, or the Incredible Hulk'

Cee-Lo Green

The Voice judge and Madonna-outsparkler CeeLo Green is jumping on the alcohol bandwagon — he recently became the owner of Ty Ku sake and Asian spirits.

And of course, while certain celebs (ahem Drew Barrymore) have gone the more standard wine route, Green has followed in George Clooney's footsteps to serve up some of the harder stuff.

So while Clooney has launched his own tequila line, Green's business involves soju and sake, and the singer will be promoting all products. He even sold the LA Times on the Ty Ku Citrus Liqueur, which has a green, glowing bottle befitting of the performer. But of course, Green sells it as "very accommodating, like a gentleman so to speak... It’s very suave and sophisticated, soft-spoken but serious." Err... sure.