Carving the Perfect Turkey

Chef Caitlin Steininger teaches us how to perfectly carve a turkey.
Thanksgiving turkey
Photo courtesy of Maryse Chevriere

Thanksgiving turkey

Now that it is getting cooler, it’s time to pull out chunky sweaters and warm boots.  Holiday decorations are next, and in our house, out with the garland comes our favorite family movie, Christmas Vacation. Of course, my husband is no Clark Griswold, and we don’t exactly have an Uncle Eddie, but just like in the movie, there is always a chance that our turkey could ruin dinner. After all, everything will be okay if the veggies are burnt or the cranberry sauce is too saucy, but we all know there’s no forgiving turkey anything less than delicious and perfectly carved.

As Thanksgiving is only weeks away, I’ve resigned myself to cooking our family’s turkey.  But carving it is another story.  By the time we get to the table, I’m there to enjoy the meal, not stare down the bird.  So this year, I challenge someone else in the family to carve the turkey.  It’s one of the easiest jobs to have, actually.  With the right tools and some solid know-how, anyone can do it. 

I challenge you too.  Be in charge of breaking down the bird for your family this year.  Use the very basic tips below to dazzle and delight every single hungry face at your Thanksgiving dinner table.

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