Carl's Jr. Introduces an Ice Cream Burger

The burger chain is testing a new ice cream sandwich in Orange County, Calif.

Ice Cream Brrrger

Carl's Jr. recently began testing their latest product in select markets across the country — the "ice cream brrrger". The new item on the dessert menu includes a scoop of chocolate ice cream topped with red, green, and yellow frostings, and sandwiched between two sugar cookies to resemble a burger. 

The company is currently testing the ice cream sandwich in a handful of locations around Orange County, Calif.; they plan to analyze the response from consumers and then decide whether to roll out the product nationwide. 

The "ice cream brrrger" is one in a long line of outrageous ice cream and burger creations to emerge. McGuire's Irish Pub in Pensacola, Fla., even serves a burger topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and hot fudge sauce. Check out the rest of the wacky combinations below.

Over-the-Top Burger Toppings

As far as creativity and artistry are concerned in the world of fast-casual food, burgers are the ultimate blank canvas (right up there with pizza). For years now burger menus have included a wide range of bizarre and ingenious toppings, from classics like bacon and avocado to more complex items like braised pork belly and spicy kimchi. But the places on this list are upping the ante by creating the most outrageous topping combinations ever imagined.

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