Throw A Real Dinner Party In My Studio Apartment?

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Question: "I only have a studio apartment but I am still eager to host a small gathering of friends for dinner. How can I make the most of my small living space while also offering the feel of a dinner party?"

Coryanne: Urban entertaining does not always have to be limited to cocktail parties. I once hosted a dinner party in our tiny London flat with a Moroccan theme by setting out a carpet picnic, complete with colorful pillows, decorative rugs, and a relaxed central buffet that we circled around over dinner. We incorporated our d├ęcor with a North African dinner menu, cocktails, and a soundtrack that tied the theme of the party together. However, if a carpet picnic is not your ideal dinner party setup, hiring a dining table and chairs is often a simple process, and if you spend the week shifting furniture around to make your dining table the focus of your studio, you will create the extra space you need to make your small space feel more accommodating.

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