Can I Make Easter Brunch Kosher?

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Question: "I am excited to be hosting my first Easter brunch, and don't want to exclude any of my friends who will be celebrating Passover. Is there a way to offer a Passover-friendly Easter brunch that everyone will enjoy?"

Coryanne: Mixing Easter and Passover celebrations is easier than many may think, and will certainly add a unique flavor to your brunch menu that your guests will appreciate. The key to mixing these two traditions is to keep the meal kosher by avoiding serving meat and dairy at the same time, and making it kosher for Passover by omitting any leavened bread products.

This year, we will be serving grilled salmon for our kosher Easter brunch. Not only is the preparation simple, it accommodates all our guests' religious observances. Add a dash of spring to your menu by serving fresh spring vegetables and new leaf salads, and finish off with macaroons for desert. If you are looking for simple starters, a sampling of matzo bread and a variety of pesto dips makes a great pre- or post-brunch treat that everyone will enjoy.

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