Cakes With A Surprise Center

If Tootsie Pops, piñatas, and molten lava cakes are any indication, every sweet is better with a surprise inside. So say hello to the next trend in celebratory treats: surprise center cakes. Also titled Piñata Cakes, these delectable treats bring both flavor and creativity to the table, allowing you to fill the center with whatever you like — from candy to marshmallows, the possibilities are endless!

These cakes present opportunity for personalization, allowing you to create the perfect concoction for any party, wedding, or birthday celebration. Watch your guests giggle with delight when they cut into the cake, just as children burst with excitement as a piñata bursts with goodies at a birthday party. Since these contraptions may seem intimidating and perplexing to create, click here for a step-by-step tutorial, and take the surprise a step further by following our Chocolate Whiskey Cake Recipe. Now shock the world and your guests, and take your cake up a notch!