Cake Pop Q&A With Bakerella

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We spoke with Angie Dudley, aka Bakerella, about her new cookbook, Cake Pops, which is the A-Z guide on how to make and decorate the party-on-a-stick creations that she dreamed up via her blog,

Cake Pops—what are the appeal?

Let's start with — they are just plain cute. Then there's the initial wow factor and the endless possibilities for themes. Plus they taste yummy. But I think it's because they bring smiles to everyone that encounters them. Kids go crazy for them, but sometimes I think it's the grownups that love them more.


What's the best one to make for a birthday?

A great birthday party pop is the Cupcake Pop. They work for just about anything. You can do them in different color schemes and use tags on the lollipop sticks to add a special message. But the book is filled with tons of pops. There's probably one to accommodate most themes.


Which recipe has been your "brass ring" of Cake Pops?

Definitely the Cupcake Pops. 

Click here for the Cupcake Pops Recipe.


What's the most bizarre one you've made?

Mr. Potato Head. He came out so great. I was really happy with him.


What are some tips for a newbie Cake Pop baker?

You can bake the cake and let it cool overnight and then dip and decorate the second day.

Use small deep bowls for the melted candy coating. It makes it easier to submerge the entire cake pop. Just don't stir it. Dip and remove.

Make sure the cake balls are firm and not frozen when dipping. If they are room temperature, they will fall off the lollipop stick. If they are chilled, they will stay on the stick long enough to dip and dry on the stick.